Parents and Supervisors
Most people find it quite nerve wracking to supervise a learner driver, particularly early in the process when they are learning to drive a vehicle and learning road rules all at the same time.  I have listed below some tips for supervising drivers (mostly parents)

  • Try and have your learner driver sit in the front passenger seat with you and start teaching even before they get their Learners Permit - once they get behind the wheel they will find it hard to drive and listen to you.

  • Read the Learner Drivers Log Book in order to give yourself an understanding of the requirements of learner drivers.

  • Log on to the Roads & Maritime Services website (formerly the Roads & Traffic Authority), and have a go at the Drivers Knowledge Test (DKT) - the very same test your learner driver was required to pass before being granted their Learners Permit.  It's more than likely you will be surprised by what you did or didn't know......

  • The earlier your learner driver can do a driving lesson, the better.  As a general rule, I usually recommend a lesson every 10-15 hours if possible, but at the very least, a lesson early on can certainly speed up the process and make any ensuing driving hours that much more bearable for the supervisor.

  • Keep log books up to date, and photocopy each page as you finish.  Log books get lost, stolen (in cars), thrown out and even destroyed in house fires.
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